Flutes On The Brink:
Who We Are

Brinkster Falstaff
FOTB at the 2014 Columbia Flute Choir Festival

Flutes on the Brink (FOTB) is an adult amateur/professional flute ensemble comprised of intermediate- and advanced-level flutists. Based in Derwood, Maryland (near Gaithersburg), the Membership is maintained by demonstrated performance at rehearsals and concerts, consistent attendance, and nominal annual dues.

FOTB currently meets at Mill Creek Parish (MCP) United Methodist Church in Derwood on Monday nights, 7:30 - 9pm, from September through June. FOTB strives to offer its members two complementary benefits: the joy of ensemble playing, and musical growth. To these ends, FOTB mixes reading sessions, pedagogy, and preparation for concerts, leading to approximately six performances per year, including participation in local flute choir festivals (including FOTB's own sponsored event in the Spring, near April Fool's Day), a holiday performance, and other local appearances. FOTB is very much a part of the larger flute community of the Mid-Atlantic region.

While FOTB endeavors to refine the musicality of its performances, the ensemble also maintains a friendly environment for its members, appreciating a good sense of humor and occasionally presenting music of a lighter or winsome character.

The Music Director for Flutes on the Brink is Linda Crisafulli, who is primarily responsible for programming, conducting rehearsals, assigning parts for performance, and otherwise making us sound musical. In addition, FOTB has an elected President (currently Jonathan Cohen) who largely deals with outreach and scheduling, a Treasurer (currently Michelle Gadaleto) who keeps track of the collected monies and disburses them when needed, and a membership chair (currently Sara Watt). These, and additional functions, may be delegated to other members.

All are welcome to attend rehearsals on a trial basis, through which the participant, President, and Music Director will determine whether the individual's flute playing skills and dedication to practice and steady improvement are sufficient to remain with FOTB. This trial may last until the next scheduled performance. As noted, members are expected to sustain a level of musical growth. The Music Director and President attempt to achieve a healthy balance of informality, inclusion, and quality of the musical experience. If, in the combined judgment of the President and the Musical Director, a person's performance is not in accord with the group, either initially or at a later point, that person will be asked to seek another ensemble.

Recognizing that we all have family, work, and other commitments, perfect attendance is not required. However, a member expecting to play in a concert must commit to consistent attendance of rehearsals for that performance.

Dues of $75 are collected each Fall to help defray costs of venue rentals, music acquisition, paying the director, and miscellany. Customized logo shirts are required for some performances, and may be ordered and purchased at rehearsals.

FOTB showing its true colors FOTB turning the other cheek